Here at Glenmore Country Club, people of all ages and all walks of life will find it easy to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. While boasting state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, Glenmore offers the quaintness of a small and close-knit community. Through our helpful staff, resident and non-resident members alike will find it easy to arrange a tee time at any time of day. Benefiting from the founders’ vision, members here enjoy the finest facilities in the area while not inconvenienced by the overcrowding that afflicts other clubs. One can always find an available court, a swim lane or fitness device. Dubbed the “country club with room to breathe,” Glenmore’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere has helped create the finest family-oriented club of its kind.

While Glenmore’s intimate and attached community makes it easy to make friends and arrange one’s own activity, the club offers a range of opportunities for interaction through an impressive array of programmed group activities, from tennis classes to Pilates, from weight training to golf clinics. The club’s unique blending of charming size with superior resources also fosters individual attention to all its members through its professional staff. Through group activities and personal one-on-one instruction, members will find it easy to receive the personal attention they deserve. With a membership directory almost fifty percent the size of other area clubs, members here are not nameless membership numbers, but individuals who are treated with friendliness and a warm personal touch.

Besides the plethora of activities designed for the active adult, Glenmore is perhaps most recognized for its gracious family-friendly environment. Youngsters will never have a dull moment due to Glenmore’s vast selection of activities designed for children, from the popular swim team, the “Tornados,” to nationally recognized classes in golf and tennis for all ages and all levels. Glenmore also possesses a full-scale basketball court and soccer field as well as safe and well-maintained bicycle lanes. Glenmore Country Club offers the finest facilities and the widest assortment of activities for its members because the staff listens to the members’ concerns and acts on the members’ wishes. Sports or fitness memberships are designed to accommodate every individual’s needs and interests, so come on out and benefit from Glenmore Country Club‘s commitment to provide the finest fitness and activities resource in central Virginia.